As the economy continues to be sluggish and you’re searching for ways to drive top-line revenue, are you scratching your head?  Did you know that two thirds of CEOs are dissatisfied with progress against top line growth goals?

Growing Revenue

You’re looking for effective ways to meet growth expectations, marketers are under pressure to deliver measurable results and clearly demonstrate the impact marketing programs have on driving demand and revenue.

Creating revenue—arguably the most important thing your business does—remains one of its most expensive and unfortunately with inefficient processes.  You will likely spend 20 to 30 percent or more of your total revenue on marketing and sales to generate more revenue.

Reducing Friction to Improve Performance

Often times, there is disconnect between sales and marketing. Processes are not integrated – they haven’t kept pace with changes, particularly in the realm of business-to-business revenue models.  We call this disconnect – “friction”.  This means that even a small improvement in the productivity and effectiveness of integrated sales and marketing processes can boost your competitiveness, growth and profitability.

Implementing proven strategies to drive closer partnership of sales and marketing can deliver outstanding outcomes.