About: Speaking


If your organization needs to improve performance and is looking for a speaker with a gift for inspiring audiences at either a meeting or a specially designed workshop, you’re at the right place

Meeting your objectives is our first priority so we take time to listen and learn and then offer tailored programs to meet your unique needs. Our dynamic speakers are prepared on a variety of topics: 

  • You Can SCORE Every Time You Play the Game – Faced with increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase productivity, today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever before.  They are more knowledgeable, less loyal and more cautious.  Given these changes, buyers will longer simply allow you to “sell.”  Instead, successful salespeople will be those who become “trusted advisors” by providing valuable guidance along the way. 
  • Negotiating To Win – You and your Customer Can Both WinNegotiation is a process- not an event.  The key to effective negotiation lies in a systematic approach, utilizing the 3 P’s: Prepare, Probe, and Propose.  This negotiation module gives you the tools to enhance your negotiation and communication skills.  You will learn how to effectively get what you want in any negotiation by helping the other side get what they want.
  • Outselling Your Competition – Louise shows salespeople how to sell more, faster and easier than ever before, against higher priced competition. Providing a series of practical, proven techniques – getting more appointments – making more sales. Your team will learn how to get motivated and stay motivated day after day. Louise has personally trained more than 5,000 sales professionals with these ideas.