Don’t let the Sun Go Down Before Coming Up with your Next Big Idea


Most of us have seen at least one of those signs along highways and byways that say “THINK.”  And, some of us wonder what it is that we should be thinking about.  I’ll bet it is “Think Safety.”  DUH.

And, all good leaders realize how important it is to take time to THINK – but how challenging it is to find time to THINK.  In this crazy 24/7 always on world, leaders have to make time to think of ways to improve their organization’s performance, think of ways to be innovative, think of ways to engage customers with better products and services, but where do you find the time?

For me, I’m blessed to live in a beautiful place with amazing sunsets as witnessed with my photo above.  So, my approach is to enjoy the spectacular sunsets to THINK.  It’s a great time to enjoy the beauty (and take a few photos), but also a good time to just let my mind clear out of the day’s busyness and just let it wander.  I could be walking along the beach, I could the biking, I could be enjoying a beverage while overlooking the saltwater marsh, but whatever my activity – my mind is always working — always thinking…  So, in other words, I don’t let the sun go down without thinking of new ideas or how to innovate on current ideas.

When I lived in Alpharetta, Georgia working for healthcare IT companies, my THINK was after getting home from work – taking a long walk.  My team used to laugh at me because they would receive voice mail messages with me a bit out of breath sharing an idea that pop into my head and noodled about – I wanted to share it while it was still fresh in my mind.  There were no computer distractions, no incoming emails, and I didn’t take phone calls – just my time to THINK…. and share.

How about you – when and where do you do your best thinking?  Please comment.  And, don’t let the sun go down before you make plans to call Assured Outcomes to brainstorm the next BIG idea.


Posted by Christopher Smith on 28-04-2012 in Frictionless sales and marketing, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Technology