Technology drives my fundraising success


I love technology. I’ve worked exclusively in the industry for 30-plus years and been out on the leading edge (sometimes “bleeding edge”) of several advanced-technology innovations. The impact it has on our everyday lives never ceases to amaze me.

Recently I committed to participate in a fun fundraising event — a Dragonboat race

– for one of my favorite organizations.  As I reviewed my package of fundraising materials, what struck me was all the different methods that could be used to contact my target contributors.  These included sending email, texting, and connecting via Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and other social media. While I employed a variety of different methods to get the word out, the one that provided the greatest return was an online cause-related service called FirstGiving™.

This easy-to-use service made it simple to create and personalize a fundraising page with my own message and images. The system allowed me to import and enter email addresses and contact names electronically from my personal contacts list, and automatically inserted the link to my FirstGiving page in the emails I sent. Recipients only had to click on the link to learn what I was up to and make a decision on supporting my cause. With a few mouse clicks they could make an online donation in a matter of minutes.

Instead of “You’ve Got Mail,” the system generated “Someone’s made a donation to your page” notifications so it was easy to track my progress against my personal fundraising goals. These emails were never annoying! And, it was easy to add offline giving – still have a few “hold out” family members who still prefer postal “snail mail” – for a complete fundraising picture.

By the way, not only did I achieve my personal fundraising goals, but I also surpassed my stretch goals. I’m confident next year will be even more successful since I’ll have more time to target prospective donors with my FirstGiving fundraising solution. Thank you, technology.

Posted by Christopher Smith on 17-05-2012 in Case Studies, Technology